Addressing geologic and geophysical uncertainties in developing a CO2 sequestration site

著者:Leetaru, H.E.; Hnottavange-Telleen, K.; Frailey, S.M.; Brown, A.; Couëslan, M.L.; McBride, J.H.; Paddock, D.; Ozgur, S.
ボリュームタイトル:2009 AAPG annual convention
ソース:Environmental Geosciences, 16(2), p.112; 2009 AAPG annual convention, Denver, CO, June 7-10, 2009. Publisher: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Division of Environmental Geosciences, Tulsa, OK, United States. ISSN: 1075-9565
注意:In English
主題:Cambrian; Carbon dioxide; Carbon sequestration; Mount Simon Sandstone; Numerical models; Paleozoic; Reservoir rocks; Risk management; Uncertainty; Upper Cambrian; Urban environment; Illinois; Macon County Illinois; United States; Decatur Illinois
座標:N393600 N400400 W0884500 W0891200
著作権情報:GeoRef, Copyright 2020 American Geosciences Institute.
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