Geographic Search Tips

To draw the search box:

  1. Click on the 'Draw Search Box' button.
  2. Click and and drag to create the search box over the area of the map you wish to search.

Interacting with the search results

Search results are displayed on the map as clusters (circular icons with numbers). The numbers represent the number of records in each cluster. A list of results is displayed below the map view.

You can interact with the map by zooming by either using the zoom buttons (+/-) or by using the mouse to double-click (zoom in) or shift + double-click (zoom out).

Clusters with less than 5 records will display pop-up information about the records at that location. When you hover over a cluster with less than 5 records, the mouse pointer will change to a hand with a finger pointing at the cluster. Click on the cluster, and a pop-up window will appear showing a list of titles for the records at that location. Each title is hyperlinked to the associated record. Click on the title to view the full record.